What Pain Tells Us

photo (7) Are you in emotional pain right now? Can you remember the last time you were?
I’m not just doing this to remind you of something unpleasant. Bear with me for a few moments and answer me this: what did YOU do to put yourself in the position to be hurt?
Did you give too much of yourself without asking much in return?
Did you fail to act like you are valuable with good and bad and allowed to be treated with less appreciation?
The truth is that in most situations when we get hurt it happens because we did something to allow it somehow. Sometimes is it very clear to us after the fact, sometimes it is a tendency deeply rooted within ourselves.
Now, I wouldn’t like you to start beating yourself up! This is not the point!
The point is to start seeing what is the message that pain has for you. What could you do different the next time?
And after you answer this, have tolerance and compassion towards yourself. There is a long way you’ve come to be what you are right now, and even a longer way to what you will become…

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