Do Nothing!

past-present-future_zoom_1These days I’ve learnt that sometimes the best thing you can do is NOTHING.
Do not try to move life around, plan stuff, change others, change yourself. It may seem the easiest thing: to just be. Yet, it is extremely hard not to actively DO something, as this is what our education always pointed out: „if you work hard enough, you can achieve what you want!”
However, it doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes bad things happen to people who actually try hard.
So, after you get tired of working so much and of having kept trying, maybe it has come a time to DO NOTHING.
Just let events unfold as you LIVE each moment of them…

Un gând despre “Do Nothing!

  1. I like to do all I can do, until I remain empty. I think I’m kamikaze :))

    Yes, sometimes is easyer to do nothing and sometimes is not. The hardest part of all is to choose what is the right thing to do: to do something or not.

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