If This Dream Came True… My Life Would Be Mostly The Same

I’ve been struggling for a while now between working at a certain dream and letting go…
Neither one is easy, I must say.
Recently, a loss that one of my friends had helped me put things into perspective: what I had been complaining about is not such a big deal after all. People had told me this before, but this thought was never mine until I felt it.
Moreover, I was just wondering: how would my life be different if a particular dream came true? How would this day be any more special?
The answer: basically, not much! I would wake up at the same time, do the things I do now (which I choose to do, by the way), my work, hobbies and friends would be the same. So why does my mind keep focusing on the missing water from my glass? It’s not even half empty! Actually, most of it is full.

I guess it’s the flavor of the water and not the quantity per se.

But flavor is nothing than the PERCEPTION of the taster!…

3 gânduri despre “If This Dream Came True… My Life Would Be Mostly The Same

  1. To fulfill a dream is not something material, that you can see it. It’s something spiritual, something that make’s you think more deeper, to help our mode of thinking. But not all dreams are real, some dreams are false, are dreams that we create them to escape from what happend around us, and very few are real dreams. Real dreams matters; the false ones only help us to pass through some gard period of time, but the false one can’t give us nothing, not psihical not material; there are giving us only time to realize what’s really important.

  2. The thoughts you have are healthy, secure, comfortable as they allow you to give up the responsibility over your happiness. A lyric says that we shall never actually find it, but the search for happiness gives our life all the meaning. You will be basically the same, but with one major difference: your dreams. These would be others, greater, harder to achieve, higher . Isn’t this the question, „How to Live a More Fulfilling Life”? I’ve seen dreams of mine coming true right before me. It felt wonderfull, speachless sometimes. I may not have a great dream in my mind now, but this is just because I know so that i am capable of much more with every step I see myself climbing higher. Give your life a meaning, give it a chanse to suprise you. It is always better to regret doing something, that to regret never trying it. Dream!

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