What Makes Us Happy


Did you know that our level of happiness is mostly constant in our lives?
It goes up and down along with losses, falling in love, getting fired, finding a partner, changing jobs, getting a divorce, having a baby, etc. However, after a certain while, we get back to being as happy (or unhappy) as we were before.
It is almost like a cardio line on a medical monitor. It spikes in regular signals but it comes back regularly to the flat line. Or like a sideways trend. A life rhythm.
I don’t know what you make out of this information. It can be hopeless and reassuring at the same time.
I prefer the reassuring perspective: it implies that the happiness constant has more to do with us than with what happens to us!
So whatever makes us happy is in our own mind… We just need to find the right perspective on what life throws at us.

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