Not about Meaning or Fairness!


Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things do not seem to be moving forward. In almost anything… Effort after effort with no visible echo, or so it seems at a certain moment. It almost makes sense to think that moving on isn’t worth it.
But somehow you feel that the show must go on. Really? Why?
The troublesome „why”! How and Why do you actually get yourself together and keep going? In a way it would seem so much easier to stop, in a way it would be scary and unthinkable.
We have it in our mental structure to find a value to hang on to, something that gives some sort of meaning to our experiences. I guess that the great development of our brains brought partly an amazing expansion and partly our emotional doom. That’s because we need meaning and what happens needs to make some sort of sense. We tend to think that bad things shouldn’t happen to us, or that we should be happy and get the good outcomes we deserve.
Funny little thing, our mind! Busy in its fury to find patterns and satisfying answers to almost anything.
It’s just that a lot of times questions don’t have answers and life is so far from caring about fairness!

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