Vulnerability Takes Out the Best and the Worst in You


Do you remember how it feels to be vulnerable? Even if for a short period of time. Did you ever try to deliberately place yourself in a position of vulnerability in order to learn something?
If you didn’t, this is an experience worth having as long as you can take your own discomfort!
Why? Because you can learn new depths of yourself.
It is frightening but incredibly empowering at the same time. It is a feeling like you are on a mountain top exposed to harsh winds. It may bring out the worst out of you.
Are you willing to find out what that „worst” is? Could you tolerate this information about yourself?

You may feel disappointed and proud of yourself at the same time and it is a context worth living!

Un gând despre “Vulnerability Takes Out the Best and the Worst in You

  1. vulnerability also help you discover yourself, even if the situation takes out the worst in you, it’s still a new information that can bring you closer of discovering yourself. But sometimes vulnerability does not help, because your reaction to a certain situation is missing, but still you learnd a new thing about yourself.

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