We might have an edge!

finance report

Some modules in my brain have been arguing for a while whether there is an edge or not over a situation.

The talking part of my brain is trying to make some sense out of them and it feels like a bipolar storm.

I’ve been trying for some time now to stand right in the middle, but I guess that’s quite unrealistic. It felt like an exciting challenge in some ways, and I thought that it’s in a fight when you know the real side of someone.

It was an interesting way of testing my own nature. All in all, I would say it came out reasonably well. (Yeah, of course I could have done better. It’s something you think after the fact.)

But the big question is: are we willing to test the edge? Are we willing to assume the risk that a test implies? Are we willing to pay for the journey?

I guess that by asking these questions I took the first step.

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