I know it must be just a chemical reaction. Plain and simple. Or maybe not so simple, but a very objective biological explanation. It’s similar to an addiction. Dopamine production is stimulated, receptors are overloading. It’s all a massive invasion with pleasurable neurotransmitters. Of course the brain wants more. Wouldn’t you? And it’s so wisely (?) biologically programmed. It triggers an automatic physiological response: heart pumps blood faster, metabolic functions are decreased, concentration is reduced to only one stimulus. The one that all these reactions were about in the first place. The brain behaves like a child who wants the new toy. And it wants it now! It won’t listen to reason or any logical explanation. It’s like a spoiled kid lying on the floor, screaming for the toy.

It’s somehow unreasonable that for the so-called “homo sapiens” this mechanism still survived. However, we’re drawn to pleasurable chemicals like moths to a flame and there’s hardly anything stopping us.

And then it becomes a struggle. A fight with our own thoughts, our own emotions, and, most importantly, with our own behaviors. It consumes our flow of consciousness, which has no other end-point than tasting the “happy neurotransmitters” again.

What could we do to calm down the storm?

Fight with it?

Are we actually going to win? Can anyone put away madness with reason?

If no reason, then what else is left?

Distraction. Running away!

Sounds reasonable… And on short-term sometimes the best thing we can do.

Yeah, sometimes…

But what about other times?

Right now I’m clueless. I wish I knew a way to calm down the storm…

There are moments in life when it comes to just being with the storm. Let it come. Live it. Touch it. Accept it as a part of us. Could it be possible that if we do that we might just be in the eye of the storm? Peace? Silence? Myth or possibility?

I guess we don’t know until we try it once.

For that I need to be strong!

You know what? I’m sick of being strong! Maybe that’s just another myth. Maybe I need to stop wanting to control everything.

What’s the worst thing that could happen, anyway?

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