Conflicts Between Islands of Thought


It felt like mountains fighting and roaring… It’s like they all wanted to come out from the loins of the earth on the same spot. Hardly possible!

So there was a massive discharge of forces tearing me apart and I hardly knew why. I just didn’t see the different mountains. I didn’t feel them. I thought it was just a big one. I wondered about its roots…

I had no reasonable explanation where it came from.

Now I see… Someone turned on the light under the earth!

Now I recognize each island of thought. I raised each and every one of them, and they want to be fulfilled at the same time. Hardly possible!

They are all parts of me and once I realized this integration I took them back home. It’s time for peace.

I start pacing quietly. I don’t know where.

I guess I’ll just find out. The road is not so important anymore. Just pacing quietly.

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